Colleen TwoFeathers

picture poem
A Possible Oak












les pommes rouges et vertes

With an apple I will astonish Paris says Cezanne
and it could be four apples
in a bowl
but it’s the fifth one
that draws the eye &
puckers the mouth at its green-ness

Recall the many and nameless
Dutch Still Lifes,
silver platters scattered with
fish, limp hares, lemons, and that
red apple

What of Magritte’s Son of Man –  
that viridescent hovering apple
for a face, his self portrait?

And how beautiful is Eve
again & yet again
shamelessly reaching


On Seeing the Woman of Willendorf                                                  

I want to crawl up and make a nest
between those pendulous breasts

forget my words and the daily news

You must spiral a l-o-n-g way down
your DNA to accomplish this

but when you do

you will remember why you
scrabbled out of the sea
and grew arms


Colleen TwoFeathers is a mixed media artist and poet working and living in Minneapolis, Minnesota.