Fall 2015

Welcome back and many thanks to the readers who warmly commented on the first issue of BoomerLitMag–and welcome aboard to readers just joining us for this Fall 2015 issue. We are happy to introduce you to some new voices and to a variety of outlooks we believe you will enjoy.

Our prose section is entirely non-fiction this time. Morgan Grayce Willow contemplates self-image and aging in her provocative essay, “Becoming Other,” as she revisits a chance encounter in a florist’s shop as a young woman. World traveler Daniel Gabriel takes the reader to Tripoli, Lebanon, in the memoir “Inside the Mameluke City.” This is an insightful glimpse into the rich mix of cultures and historical experiences of this complex world crossroads.

This issue’s poems range from the quietly meditative to the passionate and sensual about our relationships with all of life. How we understand and communicate shows up as a theme both in Llyn Clague’s meditation on the difficulties of writing poetry and in Lyn Lifhsin’s explorations on finding the exact words to anchor our experience—whether from the past, the headlines of the day, or the stories of our relationships. In her poems, Ventura, California, Poet Laureate Mary Kay Rummel speaks to the visceral, sensory ways we enter the world and let the world fully enter us.

We have enjoyed working with these writers as we put together our second issue and look forward to selecting pieces for the Winter 2015 offering. We welcome your stories, poems, and essays at Submissions@boomerlitmag.com.

Happy reading, and Like us on Facebook,
Leonard Lang and Stephen Peters, Editors

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Contents: Volume I, Number 2


Daniel Gabriel
• Inside the Mameluke City
Morgan Grayce Willow
• Becoming Other


Llyn Clague
Another One More
• Keywords II
Lyn Lifshin
• Cove Point
• The Dead Girls, the Dying Girls
• If Those Blossoms Don’t Come
Mary Kay Rummel
• Breathing Gulls
• First Fruit
• Season of the Swan