Spring 2016

We wish you all a Happy Spring as BoomerLitMag celebrates its first year of publication with the Spring 2016 issue. Thank you to all the writers who have sent their work for our consideration. We are grateful to you and to all the readers who have told us how much they have enjoyed the magazine.

The consistently well-crafted and frequently elegant work in this issue opens windows onto the ironies and complexities and small pleasures of our lives as well as onto the larger landscape beyond ourselves.

Carol Masters’ poems turn that landscape into something very personal and communal. Her final poem, “Melt,” offers a poetic response to the already obvious signals of a planet rapidly warming. Eileen Mattmann’s poems are sometimes dense with biology and names of plants, but take us as well to the larger mystery that resides just beyond the edge of our understanding and ability to observe and name. Linda Fischer’s playful musings capture a wry sense of life, whether talking about Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle or tossing out old clothes, while George Freek’s poem explores its title (“On the Death of a Lover”) with quiet, subtle care.

Death and love are strong themes in the work of our featured fiction writer, Andrew O’Kelley, whose stories illustrate the potential of the trend toward flash fiction. You may quickly make the connection in “The Uninvited,” or it may take you a little longer, as it did for us, but the ride will be worth it. Anyone who has even felt the least unworthy of a loved one—and what lover has not?—will appreciate “Below Zero.” O’Kelley’s “The Little Things” and “Infrastructure” are telling snapshots of complex lives and the mysteries of who we love and why, perhaps even of when we are ready to love.

We hope BoomerLitMag will be among spring’s appealing pleasures even as it may challenge you and reveal some of the subtle and not-so subtle ways we treat ourselves, each other, and all the creatures who share the planet with us.

Happy reading, and Like us on Facebook,
Leonard Lang and Stephen Peters, Editors

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Contents: Volume I, Number 4


Andrew O’Kelley
• The Little Things
• Infrastructure
• Below Zero
• The Uninvited


Carol Masters
• The Cave
• Prodigal
• Melt
Eileen Mattmann
• Names
• Heaven
• Guernica
Linda Fischer
• Outtakes
• Uncertainty
George Freek
• On the Death of a Lover (After Li Ching Chao)