Welcome to the first issue of BoomerLitMag, an online quarterly mostly by or about Boomers. We welcome all comers, Boomer or not. Our interests and life experiences—as you will read in the poems and prose of this inaugural issue—range across the map. We swing from essays on Zen poetry to stories of childhoods spent in fundamentalist churches, from poems inspired by fine art to poems of the kitchen or bedroom and beyond.

We’d like to point out that this is not a journal of nostalgia for a time that we imagine was somehow better and simpler. We intend this journal to explore the human condition, as literature has always investigated the nature of life, art, and, for lack of a better term, spirit.

If you appreciate intelligent, well-crafted writing, we think you will enjoy BoomerLitMag as it finds its legs in the marketplace of art and ideas. Feel free to read and to let us know what you think, and click Boomer Lit to learn more about the magazine and its editors. 

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Fiction & Memoir

Nancy Belusky
• 1972
Laura Littleford
• Romeo and Juliet Go to Winnipeg
Stephen Peters
• The German Boy


Leonard Lang
• The Last of Anything
• Life Savings
• About Last Night
 Karen Mandell
Leaving the Dining Room
• First Encounter
• Compost Tea
 Julia Klatt Singer
• The color of longing
• Tremolo
• The color of  good-bye
 Colleen TwoFeathers
picture poem: A Possible Oak
• les pommes rouges et vertes
• On Seeing the Woman of Willendorf


Warren Lang
Living with Ease