Winter 2016

Welcome to the third issue of BoomerLitMag. We’re happy to bring you an offering of poetry and prose from a variety of points of view.

We were delighted to receive Joyce H. Munro’s memoir “Of Stars and Strikes and Sales Pitches” and Gabriella Brand’s essay “Mothballs.” Joyce H. Munro’s piece surveys a turbulent moment in our cultural and political history that will resonate with most Boomers—and that will add perspective to anyone trying to figure out what in the world is going on with us today. Gabriella Brand’s “Mothballs” is a quiet, poignant mediation on the changing, and unchangeable, role of a parent as she or he ages. We think readers, of Boomer vintage or not, will recognize universal themes in both these fine pieces.

This issue’s poetry section offers contrasting styles mapping universal themes. Kate Hallett Dayton’s spare poems about sailing on Lake Superior reveal the underlying storms of quiet uncertainty that we try to manage through the safety of our everyday lives. Delighting in the senses while speaking to us of the fundamental themes of death and love, Margaret Hasse’s work explores how we connect and disconnect from each other, facing the painful changes and unfulfilled wishes that make up our lives. By contrast, Alex Stolis’ stream of consciousness prose poems are rapid-fire excursions into our innermost feelings and fears, as love is lost but not forgotten, and the images of today mix with the past in sometimes surreal and certainly surprising ways.

We are proud to offer you the opportunity to sample this collection of voices and invite you to send us your work. Short fiction submissions are especially welcome at this time, though we always welcome poems, memoirs, and essays. Please join the conversation that will continue with our next issue, rounding out a first year of building an audience for BoomerLitMag.

Happy reading, and Like us on Facebook,
Leonard Lang and Stephen Peters, Editors

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Contents: Volume I, Number 3

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Gabriella Brand
• Mothballs
Joyce H. Munro
• Of Stars and Strikes and Sales Pitches


Kate Hallett Dayton
• Wind Shift on Presque Isle Bay
• Casting into the Weeds
• Stockton
Margaret Hasse
• How We Missed the Moon
• Beginning May with a Line from Tim Nolan
• Our Next Home
Alex Stolis
• Imagine that world; the one without an alphabet P
• Imagine that world; the one without an alphabet Q
• Imagine that world; the one without an alphabet R